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A vibrant yellow chicken curry served with rice, purple olives, and hard-boiled eggs sits on top of a dark wood table at Tierra Peru Islington

Tierra Peru Islington: a flavourful journey to the Andes

Trying to distract ourselves from the grey weather, my partner and I recently ventured to Tierra Peru in Islington to find something colourful and tasty.

And what a tasty culinary expedition it turned out to be! This Peruvian gem effortlessly melds authentic flavours with a cosy yet lively atmosphere, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

First up, the drinks. The Pisco Sour at Tierra Peru is a standout, a masterful blend of citrus, sweetness, and a touch of bitters that sets the perfect tone for the evening.

The Pisco Sour Special, on the other hand, is a unique twist, a boozy tropical smoothie that’s rich, potent, and satisfying. It’s a real treat, although better suited for a hot summer’s afternoon rather than a dinner cocktail. 

For our starters, we embarked on a culinary adventure with the tamale and ceviche. The tamale, a comforting blend of sweet, nutty, and creamy, was a delightful surprise, especially with the refreshing zing from the lime, coriander, and pickled red onions. The tender, flavorful chicken inside was a satisfying twist.

The ceviche, a true highlight, was a perfect balance of tangy and creamy, with each bite of the generous chunks of white fish and avocado a pure pleasure.

The sweet potato side was a delightful surprise, with its strong honey flavour and a charred yet soft texture that was a perfect balance. A pinch of salt would have elevated it even further.

Charred sliced orange sweet potato sit on a black plate at Tierra Peru Islington
SWEET POTATO: charred sweet potato was a stand-out dish despite its simplicity

The corn and cheese dish was another unexpected hit, featuring giant corn kernels paired with a feta-like cheese, creating a wonderful texture and taste contrast that was a true delight.

The chicken curry was a visual and gustatory delight for the main course. The vibrant colours from the yellow curry and purple olive sauce made the dish look as good as it tasted.

Despite not being a fan of olives, the bitterness of the sauce was surprisingly pleasant and paired wonderfully with the potato.

The curry had a nostalgic, comforting flavour reminiscent of a spicy version of my mum’s chicken casserole but infinitely better. The chicken was slightly tougher than the tamale but still tasty, and the thinly sliced boiled eggs added a creamy touch.

The service at Tierra Peru was casual and friendly, creating a relaxed atmosphere. While it was a bit slow at times, the lively ambience, thanks in part to a large, chatty table nearby, added to the buzz.

The decor at Tierra Peru is a unique blend of charm and nostalgia. The Peruvian-themed decorations are delightful, and the bar has a quaint, old-timey feel.

While adding to the atmosphere, the mural wall could use some updating—it looks dated and has noticeable rips. The large TV above the bar distracts from the otherwise authentic vibe.

Tierra Peru Islington offers a vibrant and flavorful journey through Peruvian cuisine. The vibrant dishes and overall experience make it well worth a visit.

Whether you’re a fan of Peruvian food or looking to try something new, Tierra Peru is a destination that promises to satisfy your South American cravings.

All images credited to Courtney Burnett

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