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Three cheers for throuples, please be wine (and mine)

Throuples and lovers in other polyamorous relationships feel they are missing out this Valentine’s Day, with romantic meals and sexy gifts still being aimed at two people in exclusive partnerships.

Almost one in five Gen Z and millennials believe monogamy to be outdated, with two in five having either been in a committed polyamorous relationship already (22%) or are considering it as an alternative to monogamy (17%).

The top reasons for seeing everlasting two person relationships as outdated is that they are too restrictive (48%) and just simply unrealistic (42%).

In a study by 19 Crimes of almost 2,000 18-42-year-old British adults, 40% said they know someone who has been in a Throuple relationship – and of those 78% said that person was someone in their friendship group.

However, 35% of those questioned on behalf of the leading wine brand thought their own family and friends would not accept them being in a polyamorous relationship.

More and more people are following in the footsteps of celebrities such as former World Champion boxer David Haye and are swapping Coupledom for Throupledom.

It can be a love affair weighted with issues though. Singer Una Healy said she quit her Throuple with Haye and his long-term girlfriend Sian Osborne when she realised that didn’t want a relationship with both of them, rather just the boxer himself and felt as though the two women were constantly vying for his attention.

Former Corrie star Helen Flanagan was last rumoured to have joined the pair in a Throuple although that was never confirmed.

Exactly half of those surveyed believed that brands should now up their game to make non-traditional lovers feel more included in everyday settings and big occasions and 43% said those in non-monogamous relationships are being neglected and ignored on Valentine’s Day.

19 Crimes believes it should be triples all round for any lovers who want to break the mould and has even created a prototype of a unique bottle of wine designed to be shared between three people equally.

The brand has never been afraid of pushing at barriers and the “Throuple” prototype is a 1,125ml bottle, specifically designed to sit between a standard wine bottle (750ml) and a magnum (1.5 litres), allowing for up to three 125ml glasses per person for romantic Valentine’s celebrations enjoyed by Throuples.

Whilst the unique bottles will not be available on retail shelves this Valentine’s Day,  due to the size not being legislated yet,19 Crimes is hopeful it will be in the future. It will certainly spark a much-needed debate about the importance of inclusivity though.

19 Crimes has also changed the label of its existing wine range for Valentine’s Day to a limited-edition Valentine’s label to celebrate love in all its many and varied forms – which are available to buy now in leading supermarkets.

Jacob Lucas, Dating Coach said: “Valentine’s Day is a day loaded with imagery and stereotypes that reinforce the idea that monogamy is the only acceptable form of love. Many of my clients are in Throuple relationships or are open to one, yet the subject of polyamory is still taboo.”

Russell Kirkham off Treasury Premium Brands added: “Have a traditional relationship or don’t this Valentine’s Day. We know that a growing number of our audience are breaking convention and are challenging the status quo by choosing to be in a polyamorous relationship this Valentine’s Day.”

Visit to find out more about the 19 Crimes Valentine’s Day Campaign and ‘The Throuple’ prototype. Always remember to drink responsibly.

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