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The best hacks to have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree

As a nation, there’s nothing we love more than a good hack, but which Christmas ones are really worth trying, and which ones deserve a spot on the naughty list? 

Pines and Needles director Veronika Kusak, has shared her top picks on everything from how to keep your tree looking fresh, to the decorating methods you should give a miss(tletoe)! 

Check out these hacks to make sure you have a tree-mendous Christmas. 

When it comes to making your tree last longer, there are lots of hacks out there. But Veronika thinks that keeping it simple is the way to go!

“Everyone wants to know how to get the longest life out of their real Christmas tree and the lemonade hack is one that’s been circulating for years. Now, in theory, adding something like lemonade, with its combination of citric acid and sugar, could give your tree a little boost, especially in that Crimbo limbo period between Christmas and New Year. 

“But, in practice (and believe us, we’ve tried it) not only do you run the risk of creating a sticky mess on your carpets, but adding something sweet could also peak the interest of inquisitive pets which could land you with a hefty vet bill.

“When it comes to your Christmas tree, we recommend you keep it simple. Just regularly top it up with plenty of fresh, plain water and that’s all you need.” 

Flocking involves applying a heavy amount of faux snow to Christmas trees. Here are the best ways to flock your trees this year:

“Flocking can look really impactful, giving your tree a stunning snow dusted look that’s straight out of a winter wonderland. But with DIYers using everything from spray on glue and fake snow to flour to achieve that snowy look, we’d advise that this is a hack best reserved for artificial trees. 

“When it comes to real trees, natural really is best as adding anything additional could impact how long your tree lasts as well as how much your needles drop. Not only that but certain materials like fake snow can contain plastic which would mean that your tree is no longer recyclable. So when it comes to flocking, save it for your faux fir!” 

So what’s the best way to light your tree? 

“After that viral Christmas lights TikTok, the spotlight is well and truly on the humble fairy light this year. There’s a few great hacks we’ve spotted to give your tree a gorgeous glow or simply make your life a little easier when it comes to the post-Crimbo clean up. Like arranging your lights in a zig-zag pattern which lets you focus your lights on the part of the tree you can see rather than hiding them around the back. Plus, you won’t get tied up in knots when it comes to packing everything away either! 

“We think where lights are concerned, it’s the more the merrier so how about winding some cluster lights all the way up the trunk of your tree before stringing lights around the branches to create a real showstopper?”

Hanging bauble clusters is the perfect way to make your tree more unique and make it look fuller. Here’s how to do it:

“Another hack that’s gone viral is the rise of the bauble cluster with TikTok creators leaving everyone wondering whether we’ve been hanging our baubles wrong all these years! The bauble cluster, where baubles are grouped together using wire, or even pipe cleaners is a great way to create fullness in your tree while avoiding the dreaded droop that can come with hanging a heavy ornament on a not so sturdy branch. 

“We also think that the pipe cleaner hack is a great one to anchor your baubles more securely in your tree, especially if you have pets or little ones running around as they’ll be much more likely to stay attached if accidentally knocked!”

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