One of The BIG Sing's choirs performing on stage at Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent stars to launch choir in Tottenham

A new free choir is starting up in Tottenham next month.

The BIG Sing SOUL, which will operate every Wednesday, host their first session on March 13 at Harmony Hall in the heart of Tottenham.

The two hour sessions will begin at 10.30am and consist of two 45 minute singing segments with a 30 minute break in between, and are non-auditioning.

The only limitation is that it is only open to those aged 16+.

The BIG Sing SOUL charity manager, Emma Smith, said: “You don’t have to be a great singer.

“It’s all inclusive and accessible to everybody.”

At present, the choir hopes to have both a British Sign Language interpreter as well as braille lyrics for participants in Tottenham.

The charity also highlight the importance of singing for brain simulation and relief of stress and anxiety, emphasising how positive the choir could be for the wellbeing of its participants.

Not only this, the choir provides a great social opportunity for those feeling isolated or lonely.

When emphasising just how impactful their choirs can be for people, Smith added: “There’s so many lovely stories.

“It’s just what keeps you going.”

The spark behind starting a choir up here came from a Tottenham resident housed in nearby sheltered accommodation.

According to Smith, the resident reached out to the national The BIG Sing charity after attending an event at another BIG Sing site in Woodford and desired to have a choir closer to home, leading to their collaboration.

Together, they have created a fantastic opportunity for Tottenham residents to give it a go and sing in an open and comfortable environment.

Despite the 16+ limitation on participants, interested parents are encouraged to bring their kids along as the choir will provide safe musical toys to keep babies and tots entertained, allowing parents to enjoy a couple of hours of relief and fun.

The nationwide charity also operates The TINY Sing choirs for those aged 0-4 in other locations across the UK.

The charity hope one could begin in Tottenham to run alongside the daytime choir.

The national charity, founded seven years ago, has since raised more £200,000, allowing them to deliver more than 160 projects and help provide free singing workshops benefitting more than 15,000 vulnerable children and adults.

They also provide free online resources for pre-schools, schools, care homes, hospitals, vulnerable groups and those living with dementia.

The BIG Sing, which featured one of their choirs on Britain’s Got Talent last year, has grown exponentially, claiming to have more than 600 choir members nationwide.

Funding comes from donations as well as foundation grants and any contribution, no matter how small, can help the charity run their operations.

The charity highlights how the daytime choir works well for those that may struggle to travel in the evenings, have fear of the dark, or are perpetually busy in the evenings with work and other commitments.

For more information and to sign up for your free ticket visit:

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