Labour's Bassam Mahfouz celebrates victory.

Bassam Mahfouz elected as Ealing and Hillingdon’s Greater London Assembly Member

Labour’s Bassam Mahfouz said: “When Labour wins, London wins, we all win” after claiming victory in the Ealing and Hillingdon Greater London Assembly Constituency Election.

Mr Mahfouz received 72,356 votes in holding the seat for Labour on a reduced majority with Conservative Henry Higgins receiving 67,495 votes.

Labour’s Bassam Mahfouz celebrates his victory with party members. Credit: Cathy Chen

The Green Party’s Jess Lee finished third with 22,984 with Liberal Democrat Kuldev Singh Sehra narrowly beating Reform’s Anthony Goodwin by 46 votes, 15,293 to 15,247.

Mahfouz said: “For me this has always been about making sure I engage with the community across Ealing and Hillingdon and I’m delighted they’ve put their faith in me as a representative for the next four years. 

“We’ve got a historic third term with Sadiq Khan and we absolutely have to deliver because I’ve seen door after door where people are really hurting across Ealing and Hillingdon, the Tory’s have absolutely obliterated the country in different ways. 

“We have an NHS in crisis, a housing service in crisis, cost of living crisis. 

“As Labour, we have got solutions, answers and we’re really driving that forward through Sadiq Khan.” 

Labour’s Bassam Mahfouz embraces supporter after his win. Credit: Cathy Chen

Higgins said: “Mahfouz who has won today, must not be in Khan’s shadow and not be star-struck.

“He needs to take care and listen to the residents of Hillingdon which is that we hate ULEZ as it is unfair as it is the poorest people who suffer the hardest.”

Green Party candidate for Ealing and Hillingdon, Jess Lee explained: “I’m quite happy with the result because while we are still resoundingly third, we’ve increased our vote share and number of votes.

“The Greens on the Assembly have a very good track record of finding information, reporting on new policies and getting the mayor to adopt them.” 

The seat has been in Labour’s hands since 2012 and Mahfouz succeeds former Deputy Chair of the London Assembly Onkar Sahota.

The constituency includes Boris Johnson’s old seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

In the Mayoral election Susan Hall clinched a narrow victory in the area, beating Sadiq Khan with 75,396 to Khan’s 73,257 although Mr Khan won an historic third term overall.

Featured image credit: Cathy Chen

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