Bambos Charalambous

Enfield Southgate Labour MP expresses concerns over Voter ID requirements

The Labour MP for Enfield Southgate has shared concerns about the new requirements for Voter ID, introduced this year.

After the introduction of The Elections Act 2022, voters in the UK now need to show a valid form of photo ID in order to vote.

Speaking about the new Voter ID requirements at Alexandra Palace this afternoon, Charalambous said: “I think we should be making it easier for people to vote, not harder.

He said: “It’s quite interesting that Boris Johnson was turned away from a polling station because he didn’t have ID and he’s the one who introduced the law in the first place.

“He came back but there might be people who don’t have ID who don’t go back to the polling station.”

According to YouGov, 14% were unaware of voted ID rules ahead of Thursday’s elections.

Charalambous has also claimed that the lower turnout seen across the capital won’t impact the party when it comes to a general election.  

He added: “I think Gaza might also be an issue that people voted on, and I think the free school meals.

“That hit home for some people.”

Labour’s Sadiq Khan won the Enfield and Haringey constituency with 82,725 votes, while Susan Hall was in second place with 41,389 votes, almost half of Khan’s votes.

The London Assembly Constituency Member results for Enfield and Haringey have yet to be announced.

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