Keir Starmer delivers first speech as UK Prime Minister

Keir Starmer has made his first speech as Prime Minister outside of 10 Downing Street.

Under the rain and met by cheers and handshakes, he and his wife Victoria weaved their way through the crowd and up to the podium.

His speech emphasised the importance of public service and stark deviation from the failures of the 14-year Conservative government.

Starmer said: “For too long now we’ve turned a blind eye as millions slid into greater insecurity. 

“As soon as the cameras stop rolling their lives are ignored. 

“I want to say very clearly to those people: not this time.

“Changing a country is not like flicking a switch, the world is now a more volatile place, this will take a while, but the work begins immediately.”

Starmer paid homage to his predecessor Rishi Sunak who made his speech just an hour beforehand.

Starmer said: “His achievement as the first British Asian Prime Minister of our country – the extra effort that that will have required should not be underestimated by anyone.

“But now this wound, this lack of trust, can only be healed by actions not words. I know that.

“We can make a start today with the simple acknowledgement that public service is a privilege, and that your government should treat every signal person in this country with respect.”

Labour celebrated their greatest win since Tony Blair’s leadership, with a total of 412 seats, just six seats less than in 1997.

But Starmer addressed those who voted for other parties and said: “Whether you voted Labour or not, in fact, especially if you did not, I say to you directly: my government will serve you.

“Politics can be a force for good. 

“We will show that we’ve changed the Labour party, returned it to service, and that is how we will govern: country first, party second.”

The Prime Minister outlined the party’s priorities, among them securing borders, making streets safer, and rejuvenating the NHS.

In an effort to appeal to “working class families like mine”, Starmer stressed the importance of affordable homes and educational opportunities.

He said: “We will rebuild Britain.

“Brick by brick we will rebuild the infrastructure of opportunity.”

In the final lines of his speech, he read: “You have given us a clear mandate and we will use it to deliver change, to restore service and respect to politics, to end the era of noisy performance, and unite our country.

“Our work is urgent and we begin it today.”

Featured image of Sir Keir Starmer via Sky News on YouTube

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