WATCH: Labour hold Enfield in local elections

The Labour Party made gains in London and managed to hold the borough of Enfield during this year’s local elections.

There are a total of 63 seats on Enfield Council, of which Labour now hold 38 following the local elections, whilst the Conservatives hold 25.

Key issues discussed during campaigning in this borough include Enfield’s green belt, a lack of public trust in politicians in the wake of ‘party gate’ and the rising cost of living.

Labour gained control of the neighbouring borough of Barnet, despite the fact that it is typically a Conservative safe seat.

The head of Enfield’s local council, both prior to and after this election, is Nesil Caliskan.

Watch the full story below:

For a thorough breakdown of the results in each of Enfield’s wards: click here

For an analysis of some of the key issues of the campaign: click here

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