public line the streets waiting for the Queen's coffin to arrive on its way to Buckingham Palace

Public reacts as Queen’s coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace

The public lined the streets of London tonight as the Queen’s coffin arrived in the capital and was driven to Buckingham Palace.

The coffin left Scotland in a military aircraft and landed at RAF Northolt after resting in state at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh since Sunday.

Tomorrow, Her Majesty will be moved to Westminster Hall, where she will lie in state for a further four days before her funeral on Monday.

And there were mourners from across the country and beyond lining the streets along the route.

Canadian veteran Delroy Paul booked his ticket to fly over on Friday and arrived in London on Saturday to pay his respects to Her Majesty.

Software engineer Paul Johnson, 49, served in the RAF for 22 years, and felt it was only appropriate that he be there for her tonight.

NHS nurse Jan Williams and Royal Mail worker Alison Davies felt a calling to come to the capital tonight and hailed the impact of the King Charles III.

It was less of a trip for Emma Wippel from Chelsea, who was taking her dog out for a walk and decided to stop to see the funeral cortège pass.

For banker Richard Payne, it was a magical moment as the Queen’s coffin drove past.

And finally, the Queen’s life was a fairytale for 68-year-old Mary Foley, originally from Queensland but now living in Stoke Newington.

You can read more about the Queen’s coffin as it travelled to the Buckingham Palace here.

Videos captured by reporters Ed Halford, Jasmine Laws, Lucy Paine, Monique Rubins, Noah Keate and Olivia Bothamley-Dakin.

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