Reneging on your Christmas designated-driver duties revealed as one of Brits’ top festive bugbears

As we’re driven’ home for Christmas this year, research by online used car marketplace, heycar, has revealed motorist’s biggest festive travel bugbears.

It’s a challenging time for couples in particular, with deciding who should be designated driver to-and-from events and which side of the family to visit all making the (naughty) list.

A poll of 2,000 drivers who celebrate Yuletide found that the ‘homeward journey at Christmas’ feeling is one of the things we enjoy most when hitting the road over the festive period.

But not all these sleigh rides will cause us to shake our bellies like bowls full of jelly. With Brits averaging 92 miles to visit family and friends, the research shows that we are more likely to argue about who should be the designated driver at Christmas, than at any other time of year.

In fact, deciding who’s turn it is to drive has been revealed as a leading cause for seasonal tension and even cause for full-blown arguments for thousands of couples across the UK – Oh Ho No!

Tracy Woods, CMO at heycar said: “As the song goes, “Tis the season to be jolly, but disagreements about whose turn it is to drive can take the sheen off even the merriest of occasions. That’s why we’ve decided to help Brits fight for their right to party this Christmas.

“Reneging on your decision to drive to festive engagements is a common occurrence during the festive season and a sure-fire way to end up on Father Christmas’s naughty list. No one wants that! So, the heycar Pre-Sup is the perfect way to guarantee the feel-good vibes as you’re piloting your sleigh home.” 

With 44% of us just wanting to relax in the car, 39% not being fans of driving long distances and 27% wanting to enjoy a festive tipple, it’s easy to see why the passenger’s seat is so highly prized at this time of year.

With Brits opting to use flimsy verbal agreements, such as rock paper scissors or flipping a coin to make the big decision, heycar has devised the Pre-Sup, a first-of-its-kind agreement that commits couples to driving on specific days at Christmas.

Available to download for free directly from the heycar site, the heycar Pre-Sup allows journeys to be assigned in advance, with festive forfeits for any rule breaking. The heycar Pre-Sup will help to nip any disagreements in the bud and clearly define who gets to kick-back and enjoy the party, and who gets to drive.

The heycar Pre-Sup is available to download from the heycar site now:

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