London train station renamed to mark Pancake Day

You can board a train to London St Pancake from Southeastern railway stations, for one day only. 

Commuters marvelled at the board at Southeastern stations this morning, which seemingly following tradition, they renamed London St Pancras International station to London St Pancake.

While the purpose of the annual tradition is to put a smile on the faces of London commuters, the humorous detail didn’t go down too well with passengers concerned about increasing train fares. 

Martin Reid, on Twitter, said: “Well, that humour was a brief distraction from the fact you are still yet to publish the ‘changed’ (increased) fares, that come into effect in less than two weeks. Any word on that yet?”

In response, Southeastern Railway said: “Hi Martin, the stated maximum is 5.9%, the specific fares are still being calculated and will available nearer the time ^PS”

The station’s name change can be seen from Stratford International and beyond, and surprisingly isn’t the only pancake-themed train-related change to happen today.

Stack of pancakes: Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash

There is also an announcement running all day at St Pancras today that is as follows: “Welcome to London St Pancake, have a flipping great day.”

Shrove Tuesday, or as it is most commonly now known, Pancake Day, is a day foodies wait for every year and is arguably one of the greatest in the annual food calendar. 

However, some questioned whether this was a wise idea amidst the ongoing train delays. 

Twitter user Nicky Jones said: “Wow, look at all of the frequent, on-time trains displayed on that board. Surely this is not a real Southeastern departure board?!”

The London pancake celebrations are not just limited to train stations, in light of the notoriously sweet day, there is actually a Pancake Day race going down at Bankside. 

The most famous of the London pancake day races, however, is the annual Leaden Hall race.

The race commenced at 1pm, and The Lamb Tavern were giving out 100 free pancakes to race spectators.

Featured image credit: Southeastern Railway

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