Vandals deface Tottenham homeless charity campaign billboard

Homelessness charity All People All Places (APAP) unveiled their winter survival campaign billboard in Tottenham last week, only for vandals to damage to the poster. 

The billboard is part of a campaign launched by All People All Places (APAP), a London charity committed to supporting vulnerable people facing homelessness, and is covered with items used by homeless people to survive on the streets during the cold winter season. 

The poster was targeted by vandals, writing ‘don’t take the p**s’ across the display and removing various items which were attached to the board. 

Located in Tottenham, the billboard features a tent, gloves, sleeping bag and many other items sought after by homeless people to stay dry and warm, as well as items to bring emotional comfort to families, like a child’s teddy.

STARK REALITY: The extent of the damage shows the desperate situation facing people experience eviction and homelessness. (Image credit: All People All Places)

APAP’s aim is to highlight the stark reality of life on the streets caused by eviction during the housing crisis.

The campaign comes at a crucial time, as temperatures begin to drop and homelessness is on the rise, and thousands of tenants are being removed from their homes after government plans to ban no-fault evictions are also delayed. 


Data released in November 2023 from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities reveals that between just April and June this year 73,660 UK households were deemed to be owed a housing duty by their Local Authority.

A City Hall report reveals that almost 300 London renters are facing ‘no-fault’ evictions every week. 

The number of rough sleepers in the capital has also surged – a 21% increase compared to last year, according to the Greater London Authority.

These figures stand in stark contrast to the recent remarks of former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who last month described rough sleeping as a “lifestyle choice” when defending her policy to limit tent usage by the homeless on the streets of Britain.

A problem many families are facing

George Dunstall, CEO at APAP, said: “It’s time we all recognised that homelessness is a devastating issue affecting our whole nation, regardless of political ideologies. 

“The increase in no-fault eviction notices being served means more individuals and families are facing the real prospect of sleeping on the streets this Christmas.

“Rough sleeping has risen exponentially in the capital this year as a result of the housing crisis, but this has been compounded by a sharp increase in Section 21 No Fault evictions.”

APAP is hoping the campaign will inspire people to donate, so they can help more people facing eviction and homelessness this winter.

Dunstall said: “We needed an eye-catching visual to sum up what our campaign stands for.

“It’s all about raising awareness of an ongoing issue in desperate need of a solution.

“In our day centre and night shelter provision we see the people and families behind those numbers – the lives disrupted, the school days missed, and the jobs lost. Homelessness can happen to anyone.”

The Eviction Survival Kit billboard will be in place on the corner between Seven Sisters Road and St Ann’s Road, between 11th–24th December.

Donate to All People All Places here.

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