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February 2023: A year on from Russia invading Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.

A year on, President Zelenskyy visited London, addressing Parliament to ask for more aid.

Across London and the UK, events were held to mark the date with Ukrainians and supporters gathering in solidarity.

The war in Ukraine has brought tales of extraordinary individuals alongside reports of horror.

One of the stories of hope was that of Teddington resident, Simon Brake, who delivered ambulances to the Polish border and Lviv.

In the past year, Ukraine launched their long-awaited counter offensive. In preparation, Russia fortified their lines within Ukraine and the Ukrainian army stocked up on arms.

The counter offensive has made slow progress and Ukraine continues to require aid, asking allies for continued support as particularly in the US, it is becoming a political football.

Two of the biggest moments in the year were the destruction of the Kakhovka dam and individual drone attacks within Russia, including one on the Kremlin.

Both events were mired in misinformation and it is still unknown who destroyed the dam or launched the Kremlin attack.

Within 24 hours, 520 sq km of land around the dam was flooded, which will affect people for years to come.

The Kremlin attack did not see any casualties, but it made it headlines with its dramatic images.

The invasion of Ukraine is ongoing and many are now bracing for a long war as the two year mark approaches.

There does not appear to be a breakthrough coming and with weather changes, nothing is likely to.

Zelenskyy is appealing to western leaders for aid, making a trip to the USA in recent weeks.

Image credit: European Parliament

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