Barnet Council announces move to new constitution

Barnet Council announced it will change its constitution, moving from a committee system of governance to a cabinet and scrutiny system. 

The move means the council will appoint ten councillors to lead the new cabinet and scrutiny system to assist in decision-making.

A new scrutiny committee made up of councillors from different political parties will hold the cabinet to account by scrutinising their work and making recommendations where necessary. 

Barnet Council leader Barry Rawlings said: “The decision to adopt a cabinet and scrutiny system of governance marks an important shift in the way the council operates.

“It will mean more regular decision-making to ensure we are delivering our huge transformation agenda, and more opportunities for public participation when policy is being developed, when decisions are being made and when services are being scrutinised.

“It will also ensure all the decision-makers are around one table which will allow us to focus on key cross-cutting priorities such as reducing inequalities and promoting sustainability.

“This move demonstrates our commitment to being a more efficient and effective council that can better serve the needs of Barnet residents.”

The change to an executive system has now been officially implemented as of Tuesday.

The council said in a press release that the move highlights their commitment to make decision-making more transparent, efficient and accountable.

The move to a new constitution is one of the new constitutional measures taken by the council with the aim to increase public participation in local democracy. 

Other new measures include a public question time at full council meetings, introducing deputations from local residents at Cabinet meetings, and engaging residents in scrutinising local services. 

The new constitution is on physical display at the council offices at 2 Bristol Avenue, Colindale, and at Hendon Town Hall between 9am-5pm, and is also available online

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