Local elections 2022 preview: Islington

Islington residents will head to the polls next week to vote for their new councillors in the first council election in four years.

The 2022 elections will take place under new election boundaries which will increase the number of councillors from 48 to 51. 

This change means that each of Islington’s 16 wards will now elect three councillors. 

The main parties are fielding candidates in every ward in an effort to disrupt Labour’s council stronghold, which it has maintained since 2010. 

The Labour Party maintained its control of the council in the 2018 election, winning 47 of the 48 seats.

The Green Party provided the only opposition councillor, Caroline Russell, who is standing for re-election this year. 

Heading into this election Labour holds all but three seats after two defections and nine resignation by-elections in the previous election term. 

Council leader Kaya Comer-Schwartz is standing for re-election after taking over the role from Richard Watts in 2021.

MAJORITY: Labour have dominated Islington council elections since 2010.

Party manifestos

The Conservative Party manifesto promises to scrap the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods scheme, freeze council tax and improve council housing. 

Labour promises to:

  • help local people find jobs and create more apprenticeships
  • improve energy efficiency in council housing
  • improve technology access and mental health services for schools. 

The Greens promise to bring accountability and balance to the council and to fight for environmental and social justice, and their key issues include:

  • good quality social housing
  • putting communities first
  • active travel
  • clean air
  • keeping local services open

The Liberal Democrats pledge to:

  • help with the cost of living crisis
  • tackle the climate emergency
  • make Low Traffic Neighbourhood’s work for everyone
  • make green transport easier and more affordable
  • improve air quality in Islington and make it a greener space
  • improve garage and car-parking spaces and review conservation area rules
  • increase local police numbers and defend local services

For the full ward-by-ward list of candidates and details of where to vote, click here

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