Recruiters come to London in search of the next female football sensation

Sports Recruiters USA (SRUSA) hosted a trial day in Uxbridge on October 29th for women aged 14-20 looking for more information on college football and degrees in America.

Founder and head of women’s soccer Jon Maloney said: “SRUSA women’s soccer is a dedicated company for female footballers who are looking to go to America to study for a degree and play soccer at a high level.”

SRUSA provides female footballers and their families guidance, contacts, and all the necessary information they need to study abroad and begin a potentially professional football career.  

The company help players all the way through the process; putting together player profiles, highlight videos and connecting them with coaches from across the globe.

Hosted at the Brunel University Sports Complex last month, SRUSA trial days are free to attend by all who are interested and occur multiple times a year around the country. 

Throughout the day, presentations for players and parents are given as well as training and a segment of game time for assessments. 

The players are not only assessed on their ability as footballers, but also their character on and off the pitch. 

Twice a year, SRUSA host a showcase event for their signed players which gets livestreamed overseas. 

This gives players the opportunity to play in front of coaches from America.

Maloney went on to describe the scholarships: “It’s very similar to university over here degree wise, you can choose whatever you want to study. 

“We’ve had girls go over there and study business and English degrees, they can really study what they want.

“The degree is so important.”

Since their start in 2014, SRUSA is now official partners with the football magazine ‘She Kicks’ and has seen the likes of Lucy Shepherd and Shanade Hopcroft, who currently play for London City Lionesses, progress to a professional game.

Molly Sharpe, a Crystal Palace forward is also a player who used SRUSA to pursue her football career and gain a degree from Miami’s Barry University. 

Parent, John Chipperfield who used SRUSA reviewed the company on Trust Pilot with the following: “What a great set up for women’s football.

“Absolutely fantastic from start to finish, Jon in particular has been fantastic.

 “From day one nothing is too much hassle, always there for support whenever needed. 

“He has guided us through the whole process and spoken honestly about what lies ahead for our daughter in the USA. 

“I couldn’t speak highly enough about this lad and his company.”

The scouts from SRUSA only take on a certain number of players each year so they can ensure the service they provide is individualised and personal.

When asked about his attitude towards the progression of the female game, Maloney said: “It’s really exciting what’s going on within the women’s game, I think over the next five to ten years it will continue to grow, and it will be even more exciting.”

To keep up to date with events and news from Sports Recruitment USA, you can visit their website here or follow them on various social media platforms. 

Featured image credit: Unsplash

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