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Has the 2023 Formula 1 season been the best ever?

For many fans of motorsport, this year’s Formula 1 season has been playing out as something of a classic.

As it stands, Max Verstappen is way out in front and Red Bull Racing look set to win the constructor’s championship but this hasn’t diluted the quality of the racing.

This is especially so if you look at the differences between the two Red Bull drivers, Sergio Perez and Verstappen.

While the Dutchman seemingly gets the best out of his car every race, Perez has struggled somewhat and Fernando Alonso is undoubtedly snapping at his heels.

So, although the 2023 season might not be the best ever championship, it is clearly one of the best for some time.

Why has it been so entertaining?

It’s still too early to tell

To begin with, the season is certainly not over yet and it is not a foregone conclusion that Verstappen and Red Bull will continue to dominate.

Fans of F1 know how slight improvements in car set-ups have made a big difference in the second halves of past seasons before.

With ten rounds left to go culminating in a potential showdown in the UAE, seeking Formula 1 Abu Dhabi tickets is going to be a must for many London-based fans of the sport.

Mercedes still have a chance of getting over the line in the constructor’s championship ahead of Red Bull.

If there’s still all to race for by the time the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix comes around, then all bets could be off as the season really turns into a nail-biting classic.

The highlights of the 2023 season

There have been numerous highlights of the British sporting summer so far, including a thrilling British Grand Prix which attracted big TV audiences on both Sky and Channel 4.

Looking back over the 2023 F1 season as a whole, it was the British Grand Prix that saw one of the most dramatic changes in form.

McLaren had performed very badly but turned their season around with a series of changes to their MCL60 car at Silverstone that bodes well for next season.

Both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri looked like different drivers in a better-performing vehicle.

Off-track excitement this Formula 1 season

As well as the on-track action, there has been plenty to keep fans entertained besides the racing.

Brad Pitt, who is making a film about F1, has been adding some Hollywood glamour to the 2023 season so far.

There again, who could forget Martin Brundle’s non-interview with Cara Delevigne on the grid which seemed to raise more laughs among motorsport fans than the actress’s profile?

Given south west London’s passion for motorsport, there’s more excitement that’s still likely to keep Londoners more than entertained as the rest of the F1 season plays out.


If you like two top racers duelling for the title, then 2023 is probably not the best season you could have hoped for from F1.

Nevertheless, with so many changes to team line-ups, sponsorship deals and technical regulations in the sport, many will look back on this season as one where everything changed and a new era of motor racing came to the fore.

In other words, most fans appreciate that this is a season they can’t take their eyes off for a moment.

Featured image credit: Lukas Raich via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0 licence

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