Ryefield Court Care Home

Uxbridge care home parties in pink for breast cancer awareness

A luxury all-inclusive care home in Uxbridge celebrated ‘Wear It Pink’ day on 20 October to join the campaign raising awareness for breast cancer.

Ryefield Court care home, adorned in pink decorations, was joined by the residents’ families for an afternoon of fun to raise money for the Breast Cancer Now foundation.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with 1 woman diagnosed every 10 minutes, where 80% of breast cancers occur in women over the age of 50.

While sufferers are predominantly women, men are not exempt from the illness, where most men who have breast cancer are over 60.

Madge Wang, Manager at Ryefield Court, said: “We were thrilled to see our residents and staff come together with such enthusiasm for the Pink Party.

“Not only did it provide a wonderful opportunity for our community to have a great time together, but it also allowed us to shine a spotlight on the importance of breast cancer awareness and early detection.

“We believe that events like these can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives and help save lives. The success of this event reaffirms our commitment to fostering a vibrant, caring community here at Ryefield Court.”

The event was organised with the dual purpose of spreading breast cancer awareness and fostering a sense of community within the care home, to emphasise that prevention and early detection can make a significant difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Many of the residents and staff members at Ryefield Court are women, and several have had friends or family members affected by breast cancer.

Residents therefore understand the devastating impact this disease can have on families.

The pink party included engaging activities such as live music which featured timeless hits from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

A talented musician known for his warm voice and dementia-friendly performances provided the perfect backdrop for residents to sing and dance.

Guests also enjoyed pink lemonade, prosecco, cranberry juice, and rose wine alongside a selection of pink doughnuts, cupcakes, strawberry mousse, prawns, and cocktail sausages.

One of the highlights was the raffle, where participants purchased £1 tickets for a chance to win exciting prizes.

The raffle raised a total of £190.00 for the Breast Cancer Now Foundation.

Breast Cancer Now supports patients with breast cancer, their families, health institutions, and invests in research focused on prevention, treatments, and diagnosis.

Ryefield Court care home not only brought joy and camaraderie to its community, but also provided a reminder of the critical importance of breast cancer awareness and early detection.

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