Colourful spheres stacked on top of each other in an art gallery

Idris Khan and Annie Morris at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery in Ealing presents ‘When Loss Makes Melodies’ by Idris Khan and Annie Morris. 

The artists, and life partners, bring together a selection of work exploring grief, loss, and time inspired by their life and relationship. 

Khan’s work is monochromatic and abstract, whilst Morris uses vibrant colour. 

The synchronicity between the artists is seen in how the artists have subtly influenced each other’s styles.

Pitzhanger allows visitors to view the work not only in the traditional ‘white cube’ space, but also integrated into the historical manor itself. 

The exhibition therefore engages in a dialogue with the history of the manor and its designer, Sir John Soane, showing how the themes and emotions on display are timeless.

You can watch the full video here:

The exhibition is open until January 7 2024 and tickets can be found here

Featured image credit: Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery

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