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Etiquette guru William Hanson gives some upper crust tips on pizza sharing

Brits like to think of themselves as polite but when it comes to sharing the last slice of pizza there are no rules. Until now.

TV etiquette expert William Hanson has been called in by Chicago Town Pizza to give the definitive advice on the doughs and don’ts of that final portion.

Currently almost two-thirds of us admit we would happily tuck into the last helping without asking permission, sparking grudges from friends and other family members that can last a lifetime.

Hanson, author of the Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette, now wants to end all that with a bit of pizza protocol.

‘Fighting over that last slice of pizza, or indeed anything, can be very vulgar,’ he says.

‘As Brits we usually do go through the motions of offering around the last slice, whilst actually we really just want to keep it for ourselves.

 ‘Good manners are all about other people, and sharing the last slice of pizza is an excellent way to exercise consideration for others,’ adds the Help I Sexted My Boss podcaster Hanson, who is a director of The English Manner, a leading UK etiquette training institute,

‘Even when you’re desperate to finish off the pepperoni, allowing others to claim their stake first is always polite – in hope everyone declines and allows us to enjoy it, of course.’

It appears caring really does mean sharing, with pizza lovers most likely to allow their other half to grab the last slice without sulking.

But in a nationwide study of 2,000 adults by Chicago Town, 65% confessed to often being the ones to take the last slice – despite 39% finding it annoying when someone else does.

And shamelessly, 53% admitted to tactical topping taking by sneakily peeling off the best bits- with pepperoni, chicken and mushroom being the most popular and sweetcorn and peppers being left for everyone else.

And 34% said they would never agree to share again with the culprit who took without asking. In which case they should have a pizza night with their mothers – who emerged as the least likely to take more than their share.

The survey, from the nation’s number one frozen pizza brand Chicago Town, found nearly six in ten Brits (58%) said their significant other was most likely to take the last slice and be forgiven. Friends came a very distant second (13%).

While seven in ten (70%) said they would forgive and forget last slicers within an hour, a surprising 15% revealed they would always hold a grudge.

Despite the last slice dilemma, the research confirmed that pizza is the ultimate sharing food, with around three-quarters of respondents (73%) declaring their love for the cheesy communal treat.

Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Manager said: ‘Who knew that more than half of us would be willing to take the last slice of pizza? At Chicago Town we understand the emotional connection that pizza enthusiasts have with their favourite food, and we understand the power of pizza to bring people together.

‘Whether it’s sharing a slice with a partner, debating over toppings, or enjoying a late-night snack, Chicago Town remains dedicated to delivering delicious and shareable moments for pizza lovers across the UK.’

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