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The outside of True romance restaurant. Shows a sign for pizza and cocktails.

Lost Souls pizza returns- Halloween pop up 2023 

Lost Souls’ pizza returns from the 13th-31st of October as a Halloween pop up in True Romance, Camden market. 

The vampire themed pizzeria makes a return for the spooky season after initially being closed since May 31st, 2023, due to a fire temporarily closing down the original restaurant.

The pizzeria was a victim of an arson attack that left the basement, bar and kitchen in disrepair, forcing it to close.

Lost Souls have been working towards reopening permanently through crowdfunding from their customers.

The organisers have successfully raised £7,726 from those who love and wish to see the restaurant reopen.

True romance has been completely transformed from the usual 90s neon American look to the vampire horror aesthetic of Lost Souls pizza.

The Halloween pop up offers the same experience that first drew its customers in, especially fans of 80s horror films and vampires, serving blackened pizzas with pentagrams on top, pop culture reference cocktails and the same spooky 80s vibe as loud music plays from the era. 

Christina Angeli, a customer who attended the Lost Souls pop-up said: “Lost Souls is such an exciting unique experience.

“The food is vampire themed with amazing pizzas and pop culture references are everywhere from the menu to the décor.

“The decorations of the area made it the perfect halloween spot as it’s full of posters from horror films and has lots of Halloween decorations up.”

Those wanting to attend can find more information and book here

Photo credit: True Romance website

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