Here you can see the two staff members of the store in front of a wall of roller-skates

The rise of rollerskating at Slick Willie’s Skate Store

A south Kensington skate store is seeing the pandemic’s rise of rollerskaters persist. 

Slick Willie’s, Gloucester Road, saw two-hour queues in 2020, and the enthusiasm for the sport persists. 

Stephen Johnstone, 26 and Ilaria Di Maio, 23 both work at Slick Willie’s and are keen skaters themselves. 

Stephen says that it is the solitary nature, and the necessity to be outside that has made rollerskating so popular over and beyond the years of the pandemic. 

Equally, he expressed there is a real sense of community to this sport, it is welcoming and warm. 

I speak to the pair about how they got into skating, and why they think it will remain popular. 

Click the video to find out more.

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