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Anti-knife crime social enterprise opens physical hub in Haringey

Three years after establishing itself in a virtual sense, as the UK’s premier anti-knife crime initiative, social enterprise Gloves Up Knives Down (GUKD) launched their first ever physical ‘hub’ in Haringey on Saturday.

Working in conjunction with the Tottenham Community Sports Centre (TCSC), GUKD have formed a unique partnership that is intended to serve as a template for future rollout in the UK.

Kevin Lincoln, Secretary to the Trustees of the TCSC said: “Tottenham Community Sports Centre is run by volunteers for volunteers, constantly adapting to the changing needs of our community.

“We firmly believe that sport crosses all divides and as well as health and well-being, we play a huge part in community cohesion both directly and through our 100 plus member clubs.

“Although providing safe facilities for all ages, we concentrate on breaking down barriers in the teenage and young adult age group by offering them sport as an alternative path to crime.

“We are delighted to partner Gloves Up, Knives Down who share the same aims as us and we look forward to fruitful partnership and making a positive difference the local youth.”

David Edgell, one of the GUKD founders added: “The GUKD family continues to grow, and we see the Hub as a strategic building block to having an increasing UK presence and impact.

“Today we welcome Michael Franzese, our newly appointed Ambassador to the USA, whose personal positive message to youngsters is in alignment with ours.”

GUKD’s Preventative Intervention programme, devised exclusively by Professor Joana Costa, originally targeted youngsters between the ages of 7-13 (now expanded to 5-16), provides the opportunity of undertaking boxing training at licensed clubs, after having been gifted the GUKD starter boxing kit.

GUKD has succeeded in redirecting youngsters from a potential life on the street, and all of its potential negative outcomes.

Youngsters instead are given the opportunity to develop their mental and physical wellbeing positively, where they are surrounded by a nurturing alternative ‘family’ structure whereby they become part of a more positive whole.

Costa said: “I have worked with Gloves Up Knives Down since it was founded in 2019 to conceive and implement the Preventative Intervention ethos which is the central tenet of their activities.

“I am pleased to witness the success GUKD has become, and am happy to send a message of support to the team on the occasion of the launch of the GUKD Hub.

“I fully endorse the expansion of their activities to include Boxercise classes to fully involve the local community, who can now come together and share in the fight against knife crime in the UK.”

A long time supporter and first professional ambassador for GUKD Isaac Chamberlain said: “Good luck to the team at GUKD with the launch of the Hub. Reaching out to the community with Boxercise classes for adults can only be a big plus for the borough of Haringey.

“The GUKD family continues to grow, and I look forward to visiting the Hub soon to see it in action.”

GUKD have recently started to work with BOXXER, the new generation boxing promoter.

A spokesperson at BOXXER said: “BOXXER is proud to be cultivating a relationship with GUKD. Our talent will be working in conjunction with the team, promoting the great work they do encouraging young people to pick up boxing, and the life-changing benefits the sport can bring.

“We are happy to be supporting the launch of the GUKD Hub today, and wish the enterprise every success.”

The launch is being sponsored by the European Medical Journal, which delivers world-class insights to the key developments and advancements within both clinical and pharmaceutical areas.

Dan Healy – Executive Director at EMJ said: “I am pleased to announce that EMJ is sponsoring the Gloves Up Knives Down Hub launch event at the Tottenham Community Sports Centre on Saturday 30 July.

“The partnership between GUKD and EMJ is a celebration of personal development and redirecting energy in the community to channel positive outcomes and encourage young minds to aspire to become the best person they can be.

“It is for these reasons that I am proud to be an ambassador for GUKD, and will continue to dedicate my time to promoting the growth of this community.”

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