Munich marks 100 days to go until multi-sport European Championships 2022

There are now just 100 days to go until the start of the multi-sport European Championships Munich 2022 and local organisers rang in in the final countdown on Tuesday 3 May with a spectacular tent roof projection of some of the star athletes set to compete this summer.

In keeping with the event slogan “Back to the Roofs”, elite European sport is returning to the legendary tent roofs of the Olympiapark in Munich this summer – on the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games in the German city.

The European Championships 2022, taking place 11th-21st August 2022, will once again bring together the existing championships of some of the continent’s leading sports into one multi-sport event to create a must-watch, must-attend experience that elevates the Champions of Europe.

Top British athletes will be among the 4,700 competing in 177 medal events across nine sports (Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Canoe Sprint, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rowing, Sport Climbing, Table Tennis, Triathlon)  at the Olympic Park and in the city of Munich – and will be hoping to improve on their second-place finish in the overall medal table at the inaugural Glasgow/Berlin European Championships in 2018.

A European Championships spokesperson said: “The multi-sport European Championships in Munich this summer will see 11 days full of action-packed finals and gold-medal moments that will feature Britain’s brightest stars.

“Munich 2022 will be an amazing experience for ticket holders and viewers at home. Fans will be able to follow their favourite athletes across the 9 Olympic sports from morning till night as they strive for European glory.’’

There will be live coverage of the European Championships Munich 2022 this summer on the BBC.

At a press conference in Munich to mark 100 days to go, Marion Schöne, Managing Director of Olympiapark München GmbH, said “With the elimination of many Corona requirements, we are finally looking forward to a lot of events in the Olympiapark again. We especially hope that the interest in the European Championships will get a significant boost in the last 100 days. Of course, it is not easy to prepare such a major event during the pandemic, so we are all the more relieved that the nine European Championships can take place for spectators without restrictions,” said Schöne.

Germany’s Malaika Mihambo, the reigning European, World and Olympic long jump champion, was on hand to help celebrate 100 days to goon the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games in the German city.  Marc Mueller/Munich 2022

Olympiapark München GmbH expects around one million visitors at the event, along road race routs, and to attend ‘The Roofs’ Festival on the side lines of the championships.

“For us, the European Championships are the highlight of the Olympiapark’s anniversary year. We can now look forward to the events of the summer with confidence and we can clearly see that people want to experience something again. The joy of the fans is growing, they finally want to be there live at such a top-class sporting event without any worries and enjoy the unique flair in the Olympic Park. Especially at the European Championships, in addition to the many free opportunities to experience sporting events, there are also many very cheap tickets so that the whole family can cheer on the athletes in the halls or stadiums!”

Germany’s Malaika Mihambo, the reigning European, World and Olympic long jump champion, looked forward to the event this summer, said: “The home European Championships in Munich are very important to me because the support here is exceptional and the atmosphere is even more motivating. The flair of the multi-sport event makes the European Championships even bigger and more spectacular. There is something for everyone – from fans to athletes and everyone has the opportunity to get to know and love new sports,’’ said Mihambo.

Buy your tickets for the European Championships Munich 2022 at The starting price for a ticket is 10 euros.

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