Sue Hall's speech following her defeat at the London mayoral elections.

Susan Hall delivers defiant speech following crushing defeat

The Conservatives’ Susan Hall gave a punchy speech at City Hall following her defeat, urging Sadiq Khan to reform the Met Police.

She achieved just 32.6% of the vote share, paving the way for Khan’s third term.

She said: “The thing that matters to Londoners the most is reforming the Met and making London safe again.

“I hope that Sadiq makes this his top priority, he woes it to the families that have lost lives to knife crime under his mayoralty.”

She added: “Stop patronising people like me who care.”

She received backlash for criticism of pro-Palestinian protests, liking perceived anti-Muslim posts on X and her ULEZ commitments. 

Her loss is reflective of Conservative defeats across the country.

She strongly supported scrapping ULEZ expansion, claiming she would abolish it on day one. 

Other parties including Reform UK, who achieved a 3.2% vote share, also promised to end ULEZ expansion.

As the highest voter turnout was in outer London, where residents are disproportionately impacted by ULEZ, it was expected that Hall would have a shot.

This year marks the first London mayoral election using first past the post, where the candidate with the most votes wins, and voters only get one vote. 

Featured image credit: London Elects

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