Camden local election results 2022

This thread is the result of the local election in Camden and will be constantly updated as results are announced.

There will be a total of 55 councillors across 20 wards – meaning 28 are needed for full control of the council.

Labour: 47 (+6)

Liberal Democrats: 4 (+1)

Conservatives: 3 (-4)

Greens: 1 (-1)



Steve Adams  (Conservatives)  Votes: 1106
Shaheen Choudhury M D (Labour) 692
Oliver Cooper (Conservatives) 1124
Judy Dixey (Lib Dem) 1445
Aarti Joshi (Conservatives) 953
Matthew Kirk (Lib Dem) 1317
Peter Mykola Ptashko (Labour) 644
Tom Henry Simon (Lib Dem) 1494
Issy Waite (Labour) 705


Paul Bhangal (Conservatives) 335               
Sabrina Francis (Labour) 1411
William Frost (Conservatives) 378
Adam Harrison (Labour) 1346
Catherine Wakefield Hays (Lib Dem) 400
Richard Hayward (Conservative) 351 
Jonathan Lewin (Lib Dem) 291
Rishi Madlani (Labour) 1269
Farrel Monk (Lib Dem) 281

Camden Square

Sagal Abdiwali (Labour) 1275                                                
Danny Beales (Labour) 1309
Catherine McQueen (Conservative) 180
Lawrence Joseph Nicholson (Lib Dem) 218
Jack Tinley (Conservative) 146
Anne Maria Wright (Lib Dem) 244

Camden Town

Pat Callaghan (Labour) 1024
Richard Cotton (Labour) 854
Charley Greenwood (Greens) 286          
Adrian Ludwig Holle (Conservatives) 186
Ekaterina Kirk (Lib Dem) 139
Hannah Elise Margetts (Conservatives)  156                                   
Martin Percival Wright (Lib Dem) 101

Fortune Green 

William James Coles (Lib Dem) 1151
Hannah Mindel David (Conservatives) 374        
Lorna Louise Greenwood (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1479
Nancy Stemble Jirira (Lib Dem) 1481
Richard Olsewski (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1397
Keith Sedgwick (Conservatives) 376
Tracey Elizabeth Shackle (Lib Dem) 1238
Marcus Storm (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1288
Jamie Webb (Conservatives) 362


Suber Abdikarim (Labour) 473
Adrian Bridge (Lib Dem) 274
John Carr (Labour) 469
Valdir Francisco (Lib Dem) 236
Charles Hilary Harris (Greens) Votes: 276
Andrew Hames Parkinson (Conservatives) 923
Gio Spinella (Conservatives) 890

Gospel Oak 

Esmeralda Akpoke (Conservatives) 434
Marcus Boyland (Labour) 1880              
Jah-Love Charlers (Conservative) 466 
Margaret Jackson-Roberts (Lib Dem) 492
Jenny Mullholland (Labour) 1927 
Laura Francis Noel (Lib Dem) 460 
Chrislyn Prudence Pict (Independent)  89
Larraine Revah (Labour) 1860 
Nigel Rumble (Conservatives)  449 
David Simmons (Lib Dem)  354

Hampstead Town

Adrian Leon Cohen (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,030          
Deborah Dor (Conservatives) 887
Nicholas John Russell  (Lib Dem) 435
Stephen Stark (Conservatives) 1,089
Alexandra Sufit (Labour and Co-operative Party) 971
Anne Ward (Lib Dem)  609


Kemi Atolagbe (Labour) 1523
Alice Amelia Brown (Independent)   278                     
Diane Liza Rosemin Culligan (Lib Dem) 313
Nasrine Djemai (Labour) 1402 
Mohammed Ali Farah (Independent)  232 
Rebecca Filer (Labour) 1430 
Fiona Eileen Fraser (Lib Dem) 368 
Jil Eileen Fraser (Lib Dem)  427 
Timothy James Albert Frost (Conservative)   312
Peter Mcginty (Greens)  643
Shreena Parkinson (Conservative)  292 
David Charles Roberts (Conservative)  294


Panny Antoniou (Labour) 1527  
Camron Aref-Adib (Labour) 1809 
Judith Barnes (Conservative)  403
Sian Berry (Greens) 1967
Paul Farrow (Conservative) 431 
Richard Merrin (Conservative)  380 
Stephen Raymond Pickthall (Lib Dem)  172
Henry William Windle Potts (Lib Dem)  188 
Munro Price (Lib Dem) 206 
Lorna Jane Russel (Greens)  1460  
David Stansell (Greens) 929 
Anna Francesca Wright (Labour) 1898

Holborn and Covent Garden

Stephen Paul Barabas (Lib Dems) 268      
Alison Frost (Conservative) 349
Julian Fulbrook (Labour) 1807
Maurice Hirt (Conservative) 362
Adam Lester (Conservative) 354
Patrick Edward Mcginnis (Independent) 214
Awale Olad (Labour) 1686
Sue Vincent (Labour) 1779
Erich Wagner (Lib Dem) 213
Charlotte Wattebot O’Brien (Lib Dem) 299

Kentish Town North

Brigitte Ascher (Greens) 673
Darryl Davies (Conservative) 157
Jade Kelly (Lib Dems) 238
Farhana Manzoor (Trade Unionist and Socialist Candidate) 105
Sylvia Ann Mcnamar (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1560
Jillian Newbrook (Liberal Democrat) 124
Lucy Sheppard (Conservative) 145
James Slater (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1303

Kentish Town South 

Meric Apak (Labour) 1664
Francesca Edith Bury (Greens) 678 
Helena Djurkovic (Lib Dems) 250 
Georgia Gould (Labour) 1847 
Jenny Headlam-Wells (Labour) 1616 
Dominic Kendrick (Greens) 444
Susan Lee (Conservative) 244 
Derek Mcauley (Lib Dems) 151
Hannah Elizabeth Power (Trade Unionist and Socialist Candidate) 122
Alexander Ricketts (Conservative)  221
Rebecca Nan Trenner (Lib Dem) 174
John Webber (Conservative) 226 


Rahoul Bhansali (Conservative) Votes: 395
Eddie Hanson (Labour) Votes: 1646   
Lloyd Hatton (Labour) Votes: 1521
Daviyani Rayshma Kothari (Lib Dem) Votes: 286
Marc Nykolyszyn (Conservative) Votes: 340
Hamir Patel (Lib Dems) Votes: 288
Alexander Pelling-Bruce (Conservative) Votes: 447
Kathryn Sturgeon (Lib Dems) Votes: 375
Nanouche Umeadi (Labour) Votes: 1405

Kings Cross   

Joan Paula Baktis (Lib Dem) Votes: 214
Lotis Bautista (Labour) Votes: 1317
Douglas De Morais (Conservative) Votes: 219
Jack Francis Edmund Fleming (Lib Dem) Votes: 167
Catherine Frost (Conservative) Votes: 249
Clementine Manning (Conservative) Votes: 212
Liam Martin-Lane (Labour) Votes: 1256
Benjamin Newman (Lib Dem) Votes: 185
Jonathan Simpson (Labour) Votes: 1205
Alex Smith (Greens) Votes: 417

Primrose Hill 

Alex Andrews (Conservative) 1009 
Pierre Andrews (Conservative) 959
Ajok Athian (Labour) 1375
James Iddon Bowen (Lib Dems) 488
Anna Burrage (Labour) 1568
Matt Cooper (Labour) 1343
Phil Cowan (Independent) 339
Alexandra Maranu (Conservative) 910
Hinne Laurens Johannes Tuinstra Temminck (Lib Dem) 373
Matthew John Martyn Wrigley (Greens) 647

Regents Park  

Nasim Ali (Labour) 1504
George Aspinall (Conservative)  413                           
Samuel Robert Campling (Lib Dems) 206
Christopher Michael Gayford (Lib Dems) 188
Heather Johnson (Labour) 1552 
Hugo Plowden (Greens) 423
Karin Radicke (Let London Live Candidate) 114
Joanna Kate Reeves (Conservative) 390
Nadia Shah (Labour) 1516 
Martin Sheppard (Tories) 355
Mary Elizabeth Stanier (Lib Dem) 251

South Hampstead  

James Philip Baker (Lib Dems) 436
Nina De Ayala Parker (Labour) 1692
Aimery Gregory Hugues Michel De Malet Roquefort (Lib Dems) 424
Marx De Morais (Conservative) 931
Pranay Hariharan (Lib Dem) 376
Izzy Lenga (Labour) 1650
Calvin Po (Conservative) 947
Will Prince (Labour) 1563
Don Williams (Conservative) 976

St Pancras and Somers Town  

Hannah Billington (Lib Dem) 299
Alex Ellis (Conservative) 322
Edmund Frondigoun (Labour) 1845 
Steward David Jenkins (Lib Dem) 217
Axel Kaae (Conservative) 268 
Samata Khatoon (Labour) 1874 
Awal Miah (Workers  Party of Britain) 239        
Shah Miah (Labour) 1799 
Michael Lund Pedersen (Lib Dem) 183
Carole Ricketts (Conservative) 290 
Shah M D (Workers Party of Britain) 202 
Neisha Wong (Workers Party of Britain) 196 

West Hampstead 

Ian Cohen (Conservative) 494 
David Elkan (Lib Dem) 964 
Marcos Gold (Conservative) 449 
Janet Clementine Grauberg (Lib Dem) 1164 
Sharon Hardwick (Labour) 1332 
Peter Horne (Conservative) 407 
Elizabeth Pearson (Lib Dem) 963
Nazma Rahman (Labour) 1262
Shiva Tiwari (Labour) 1202

You can read the local election preview for Camden here.

Featured image: Ethan Doyle White (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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