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Nigel Farage and Reform UK turn sights to Labour after taking Conservative vote

Nigel Farage has warned the Labour Party that he and Reform UK are coming for them.

The 60-year-old was elected in a landslide victory as the parliamentary member for Clacton following seven previous attempts to become an MP.

Since announcing he was taking over as leader of Reform, Farage has overseen a considerable rise in support for the party over the last month culminating in them winning five seats.

As well as Clacton, they were elected in Great Yarmouth, Boston & Skegness and Ashfield.

Farage immediately hit out at the Labour Party, saying they will now target Labour Votes.

He said: “There’s no enthusiasm for Labour, there’s no enthusiasm for Starmer whatsoever.

“In fact, about half of the vote is simply an anti-Conservative vote.

“This Labour government will be in trouble very very quickly – we’re coming for Labour, be in no doubt about that.”

On the Conservatives, he said: “This is the beginning of the end of the Conservative Party.

“To have done this in such a short space of time says something very fundamental is happening.”

In Clacton, Farage gained a majority of 8,405 votes, over the Conservative Party candidate Giles Watling, who in the 2019 election had a majority of 24,692 votes.

The outspoken former Conservative Party deputy chairman Lee Anderson secured Reform its first seat of the night in Ashfield, having defected to Reform in January.

In his speech he thanked the people of Ashfield for re-electing him under a different party, and surmised that the win can be seen as part of an election night reckoning.

Reform UK also won seats in Great Yarmouth and in Boston and Skegness, with Rupert Lowe and Richard Tice winning seats.

Tice said: “This really is quite extraordinary what we have achieved.

“Just three years ago as Reform UK nobody had heard of us, we were 0% in the polls.”

The rise and appeal of Reform UK will no doubt be felt keenly by the Conservative Party who suffered significant losses across the country due to Reform UK splitting the right-wing vote.

Feature image: Nigel Farage speaking with supporters at “Liberty for Trump” event in Arizona
Credit: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

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