The Queen and Prince Phillip

Gen Z fashion student praises the Queen for her timeless style

A Gen Z fashion student from Central Saint Martins has praised the Queen for her iconic style over the years.

Yasmin Rodrigues Estanislao, who studied Performance: Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins says that she wouldn’t change a thing about the Queen’s style.

Estanislao said: “Being fashionable can show that these people are in touch with current times however I would say for the most part the idea of ‘fashionable’ can also be damaging. 

“I think for a person with the status like the Queen, it’s important that she has a sense of timelessness and class about her.”

She added: “In a certain way we should expect her to know who she is as a person and this would come with an established style rather than someone who hops from trend to trend.”

But this poses the question, do we want the Queen to be trendy?

Estanislao explained that it would be inappropriate for the Queen to be what we normally class as ‘fashionable’.

She said: “I think it would be inappropriate for her to be this fashionable, on-trend individual, we would expect something more appropriate from her which typically is a classic style/ silhouette.”

The Queen may not always be the most noteworthy when it comes to being ‘fashionable’ but she is praised by many for not only her style but her accessories. 

Estanislao said: ”The most quintessential accessory unique to her is the crowns. It’s The accessory that showcases her importance in society, distinguishes her rank, her role and her title from the rest. 

“I think for me personally what stands out about her choice in the way she styled is that although there has been an evolution throughout her reign, her accessories seem to stand the test of time. 

“One thing that stands out to me is her three tiered pearl necklace that she’s worn for years. It reflects her sophisticated, classic, simple and high class style.”

Despite her fashion staying linear over the years, The Queen’s fashion has always been a topic of discussion.

She was even spotted front row sitting next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week in 2018.

Although the Queen has had many memorable and iconic looks over her reign, there was one that stood out to Estanislao the most.

She said: “Her wedding dress is the most iconic for sure.

“I think it stands out so much because it is so ornate and decadent. The entire outfit is so far from what we experience in our realities that they become so memorable to us especially as little girls fantasising about being princesses.”

The power of clothing cannot be underestimated as they play a vital role in someone’s identity.

High power, influential figures have to fulfil a standard of dress code and the Queen is expected to look a certain way. 

Estanislao explained that although the Queen may not be an influencer in her style, she still expects her to dress a certain way. 

She said: “For her to be underdressed in any situation would feel completely wrong, as the queen you would expect nothing less than perfection.”

She argued that  having a similar style to someone makes that person more relatable.

She said: “I think style is reflective of personality so if someone has a similar style to you they probably have similar traits to you in terms of their personality. 

“I found in my personal life most of the people I’m close to are drawn to similar styles to me and I think that is derivative from many different aspects of our lives, our upbringings, our local areas, the music we grew up with etc therefore I would find someone more relatable if their appearance was something familiar to me.”

Estanislao expressed that although she may not find the Queen entirely relatable, it does not take away her respect and from her.

Although the average Gen Z fashion student may not find the Queen entirely relatable, one thing that can link both individuals is the universal language of fashion.

Image credit: Michael Garnett

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