Forever home found

Forever home found for dog saved from drowning in London canal

A loving forever home has been found for a dog rescued from drowning in a canal in London.

Lilly, a poodle crossbreed, was rescued from the Grand Union canal in Brent in June by two passers-by and taken to nearby Mayhew animal welfare charity.

Mayhew is seeing more animals abandoned as the effects of the pandemic and rising living costs make looking after pets harder for owners.

Jessica Etherington, Lilly’s new owner and dog lover from Harrow, said: “When we heard about Lilly’s background, we couldn’t believe the sweet and sociable dog that we met at Mayhew’s foster carer’s home had been through something so shocking.

“It’s amazing how Mayhew and her foster carer have helped her to trust and grow in confidence.

“She is such a joy to have with us and makes us smile every day.”

Etherington said it was love at first sight when she saw Lilly’s website profile.

It was not known how Lilly ended up in the canal and her age had to be estimated by Mayhew vets who assessed and cleaned her after her traumatic ordeal.

Merryn Walker, Mayhew Head of Kennels, Dog Adoptions and Fostering said: “We were so shocked by her condition when she came into Mayhew after being rescued from the canal.”

Walker said she was covered in putrid, muddy canal water and had become very nervous and traumatised by her experience.

The poodle crossbreed was also spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and had her teeth scaled and polished whilst with Mayhew vets.

Before her forever home was found, Lilly was looked after by an experienced foster carer who slowly but successfully rebuilt her confidence.

Mayhew animal welfare charity works to improve the lives of dogs, cats and people in London and internationally.

The charity is entirely funded by public donations, can care for up to 30 dogs and 150 cats at any one time and is supported by celebrities such as Louis Theroux, Joanna Lumley and Sir Tony Robinson.

Speaking of the work the charity carries out, Mayhew said: “We know that many are facing an impossible choice between providing for themselves and caring for their beloved pets, and in the five London boroughs we work in we’re doing our best to offer practical help.

“Keeping people and pets together is the best possible outcome – for owners, whose mental and physical health often depends on their pet; for rescues like ours, which are stretched to their limits; and, crucially, for animals, for whom being given up or abandoned is dangerous and traumatic.”

For further information on the charity, including how to offer other dogs their forever home, visit Mayhew’s website.

Featured Image Credit: Mayhew Animal Welfare Charity.

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