Mourners prepare for the arrival of the Queen's coffin

Pictures: Londoners prepare to welcome the Queen’s coffin to the capital

Thousands turned out in London today to pay tribute to the Queen ahead of the arrival of her coffin in London.

The Queen’s coffin departed Edinburgh this afternoon after it laid in rest at rest in St Giles’ Cathedral.

It will be flown to RAF Northolt and it will process through London to Buckingham Palace tomorrow afternoon.

Even though it is yet to arrive, Londoners came out in droves today to show their grief at the Queen’s passing with flowers and other tributes in the capital.

Here are some pictures from London today:

Approach to Buckingham Palace
The approach to Buckingham Palace, where the coffin will reach in the procession
Flowers for the Queen at Green Park
Flowers were placed in Green Park in memory of the Queen
Flowers were laid in tribute to the Queen
Police prepare for the arrival of the Queen's coffin
Police were present in central London as crowds of mourners are expected
Police in London prepare for the arrival of the Queen's coffin
A memorial to the Queen in Green Park
Mourners left memorials to the late Queen
Mourners at Green Park
Mourners laid flowers in memory of the Queen
Flags flown at half mast on Hard Rock Hotel
Flags were flown at half-mast in the Queen’s memory
Mourners in Westminster
A memorial to the Queen
Some mourners left notes for the Queen
Flowers for the Queen
Flowers laid in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in Green Park. Featured image credit: Claudia Lee

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