Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Keir Starmer confirms Jeremy Corbyn will not be a Labour candidate at the next election

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer announced today that Jeremy Corbyn will not stand as Labour candidate at the next general election.

Starmer gave the news during a speech at the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s announcement of the conclusion investigation into the Labour Party for antisemitism.

He said: “When I became leader, I said I would turn Labour around and give it back to the British people and the most important and urgent part of that was tearing out antisemitism by its roots.

“Today is an important moment in the history of the Labour Party. It’s taken many, many months of hard work and humility to get here.

“It’s meant rebuilding trust, not just with the Jewish community but with all those who were rightly appalled by the culture of the party and the previous leadership.”

Corbyn lost the Labour whip in 2020 for his response to the EHRC antisemitism report. He claimed that “the scale of the problem was dramatically overstated.”

The Islington North MP has sat as an independent since then, and it is unknown if he plans to stand in the general election as of now.

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