Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Youngest mourners Prince George and Princess Charlotte walk behind the Queen’s coffin

Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, seven, rose to the occasion when they followed the Queen’s coffin as world leaders and a congregation of 2,000 watched on.

George, second in line to the throne, wore a dark blue suit and black tie, whilst his younger sister Charlotte, third in line to the throne, was dressed in a black dress and wide-brimmed hat.

In honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s love of horses, Princess Charlotte wore a small horseshoe shaped brooch.

The inclusion of the prince and princess was first confirmed on Sunday night by Buckingham Palace after the release of the order of service for the event. It has not been customary for great grandchildren to attend state funerals.

Before the coffin arrived, the prince and princess stood immaculately with their mother. They bowed and curtsied upon the coffin’s arrival.

Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte followed the coffin behind their parents but ahead of their uncle and aunt, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.    

George and Charlotte sat in the front row of the Abbey facing the coffin. Their parents William, the Prince of Wales, and Catherine, the Princess of Wales, sat beside them.

As the service drew to a close, George kept his arms by his side when the congregation sang God Save the King and Charlotte kept her arms in front.

Both children nicknamed the Queen “Gan Gan.”

They are the youngest royals to perform such a duty. The children have not been seen in public since the Queen died.

Both the prince and princess were well behaved throughout the service.

Their younger brother Prince Louis, four, did not attend.

Many have suggested the children attending the funeral evoked memories of William and Harry attending the funeral of their mother Princess Diana, in Westminster Abbey in 1997.

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