WATCH: Migrant Voice plays life-sized game outside British Library

On 31st October, Migrant Voice commenced their National Day of Action on Visas, standing with migrants, and against extortionate visa fees.

A life-sized board game was constructed outside the British Library, demonstrating the stages of the complicated, and often unfair, process of gaining a UK visa. 

The Monopoly-style game saw players move through 16 placards outlining the various barriers people seeking a UK visa must overcome to remain in the country. 

The Home Office increased the cost of most UK visa fees on 4th October this year, in some cases by as much as 35%, in order to pay for services including running a sustainable immigration and nationality system.

The charity, directed by Nazek Ramadan, hope the installation raised awareness of the lengthy process and encouraged more to speak out about the issue.

WATCH: Migrant Voice highlight the intricacies of the UK visa system

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