Proposed LTN in Islington concerns residents and businesses

Residents and businesses in the Barnsbury and Laycock area in Islington are concerned over Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) proposals.

“Barnsbury and Laycock Liveable Neighbourhood” is a proposal which introduces a series of road improvements, which will prevent traffic driving through the area.

Under the plans, the scheme wants to introduce green areas, safer streets, and traffic reduction.

Islington Council was accepting people’s feedback until 22 October when the petition “Keep Barnsbury Moving” was also in place.

The petition stated: “We are a broad group of concerned residents and small businesses from all corners of Barnsbury ward.

“We have seen the true negative impact of these council traffic scheme in seven wards so far, including Highbury, Canonbury, St Mary’s, which have all failed in practice.

“We have also seen the lack of meaningful engagement with residents of these wards who have real and legitimate concerns.”

The proposal covers the area bounded by Caledonian Road in the west, Holloway Road in the north, Upper Street in the east, and Pentonville Road in the south, with many road diversions and closures already in place.

The map shows proposed locations for improvements,

Initial proposals have now ended and a public consultation will be in place at the beginning of the new year.

The council said: “Based on the feedback we’ve received, we’re now developing concept designs which will be shared with local people for comment during public consultation next year.”

The Memsaab restaurant located on Mackenzie Road is already struggling to run its business as it cannot continue with its deliveries.

Anamoul Haque, one of the managers at Memsaab, said: “If the closure goes through, we will lose our business.

“People would not be able to enter the road.”

Mackenzie Road is currently only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists.

Regulars at the Jolly Sisters pub are concerned over the building of green spaces, “where the youth will gather and cause trouble.”

According to the petition “Keep Barnsbury Moving”, “Barnsbury’s very liveable low-traffic neighbourhood started in the 1970s and is still fit for purpose.

“Driving is not a crime, do not treat it like one.”

The proposed closure aims to divert traffic from residential to the main road, causing congestion black spots.

The road closure would be permanent.

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