Eddie Junsey is pictured nest to his new apartment

Improved housing in South Kilburn delights Brent residents

Residents have moved into 52 new apartments in South Kilburn as part of the Brent Council’s redevelopment plan.

The 15 year programme aims to make South Kilburn sustainable and vibrant while producing 2,400 new homes.

1,390 homes have been created by the Octavia Housing Association’s programme and half of the planned homes will be affordable for council-tenants in South Kilburn.

Retired housekeeper, Eddie Junsay, 68 moved into a ground floor apartment with his wife, Dominga, 81, who has mobility problems.

They struggled in their last home due to being on the 16th floor which proved difficult for Dominga, as she could get stuck in the lift.

Eddie said: “I am very happy with the property. We are in an apartment which is wheelchair friendly if we ever needed one.

“It is a good size for a one bedroom apartment.”

Council residents moved into 22 homes in August this year, each home received positive feedback.

Elizabeth Forster, 42, said her new apartment at Chippenham Gardens was a huge improvement on her previous flat.

She said: “There is more outside space, the balcony is bigger, it’s cleaner and it’s also more energy efficient. Your environment does have an impact on your general outlook on life.

“Now that we are living here, I feel more motivated with my studies and I’m a lot happier.”

Councillor Sharma Taylor, Cabinet member for Regeneration and Planning is delighted with the impact the programme had on the lives of Elizabeth and Eddie.

She said: “Our aim is for our regeneration schemes to impact many people’s lives for the better across the borough.”  

The programme also aims to deliver a new primary school, health facilities, a new park and retail outlets.

A gym, health centre and affordable workspaces in the Northwest Quarter are expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

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