Four sporting events that you must see live

While many sporting events can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, there are also plenty that simply cannot be replicated.

This article will talk about four events that if you get the opportunity to, you absolutely should try and see live.

1. Moto GP

Getting Moto GP tickets is a sure way to have an exhilarating weekend.

Moto GP is a sport with a long and interesting history and is now the premier class of motorbike road racing.

The Moto GP calendar takes racers all over the globe, meaning that there are opportunities to visit every continent following the sport.

The sounds of the motorbikes and the high speeds will be sure to raise your hairs.

For those bored of the monotony of Max Verstappen winning every Formula One race, MotoGP has closer races, and overtaking is fairly common.

This can keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the race.

That being said, it’s been an excellent season for Ducati, with their three riders leading the Championship, and combining to win eight of the first ten races.

The risk factor of the races is another thing that keeps the action exciting, as the riders don’t have seat belts and have to ride in dynamic weather conditions.

2. FIFA World Cup

Football is the most popular sport in the world and regularly reaches over a billion people from all parts of the globe.

Attending events such as the FIFA World Cup, which next takes place in 2026, gives you a chance to see some of the top footballers in action.

For example, at the FIFA World Cup 2022, attendees were able to see famous players like Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in action.

The 2026 World Cup is being hosted jointly by the USA, Mexico and Canada, so there are plenty of opportunities to travel across the North American continent.

3. Super Bowl

The Super Bowl may seem like a North American event, but it has lots of fans from all parts of the world.

As the top American football event, it typically attracts more than 70,000 attendees, with millions more watching it on TV.

While the game itself can be exciting, you can also look forward to the great food served at the event.

The half-time shows usually feature the best international artists, and this helps to add to the excitement of the game.

While getting Super Bowl tickets can be quite difficult, if you get the opportunity then you should absolutely take it.

4. Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is held every four years and features various sports, such as skiing, ice hockey and of course, curling.

As one of the biggest international sporting events, the Winter Olympics helps to bring together people from all walks of life.

The next Winter Olympics is set to take place in February 2026 and will be hosted jointly by northern Italian town Cortina d’Ampezzo and Milan.

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