Somerset House with bamboo in front of it

Bamboo as Method at Somerset House

Art and nature converge at Somerset House this spring in a compelling display of creativity and contemplation.

Zheng Bo’s commission for Somerset House’s annual exhibition in honour of Earth Day invites visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature amidst the urban chaos.

The title of the artwork, ‘Bamboo as Method’, pays homage to the Ming Dynasty thinker Wang Yangming, encapsulating the artist’s exploration of knowledge and enlightenment through the observation of nature.

On 20 April, Bo will be present in the garden sketching, and the public is invited to join them.

On the evening of Monday 22nd April, Bo will be in conversation with writer Sarah Shin, discussing nature, creativity, and ecology.

This site-specific installation invites us to reconnect with nature and challenges us to consider our relationship with the environment.

By encouraging Somerset House visitors to slow down and engage in the meditative act of drawing, Zheng Bo prompts us to reflect on our place within the natural world and to enjoy the simple act of drawing and being in the present moment.

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