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Leaving London for a holiday? Why not cruises from Southampton?

When embarking on a trip to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean or exploring the rich cultural heritage of Norway, how about a maritime port to set sail from, and what could be better than cruises from Southampton.

There are several notable port locations present within the UK, but Southampton tends to charm its visitors like none other.

Whether your interests lie with its bustling marina-side bars, modern shopping districts, 12th-century churches, or cobbled streets in Southampton’s Old Town, the city never fails to provide its visitors with unique memories that last.

Theatre-lovers can step into the famed walls of the Mayflower Theatre where a host of West End productions, opera and ballet performances have dazzled their crowds for nearly 100 years.

Those who appreciate the wonders of history and desire a respite from the high-speed nature of the modern world will immediately see their gaze alerted to the Bargate.

A medieval gatehouse built in 1180 AD which still stands intact. The Bargate only scratches the surface of Southampton’s heritage.

Southampton’s Tudor House and Garden has also been bestowed the title of the city most important historic building. It is said to provide its visitors with an insight into the livelihoods of those that came before.

The picturesque and vibrant base that Southampton possesses, allows us to provide people with an enriching experience at every stop of the journey.

The city’s storied maritime history has seen the likes of Elizabeth Taylor pass through its cruise terminals and make the well-traversed journey to Hollywood.

A trip on a Southampton cruise will give you the flexibility to visit a few of England’s most iconic landmarks and destinations. For example, neolithic wonder Stonehenge, wellbeing hotspot Bath, and a variety of landmarks found in the nation’s capital London.

After fully soaking in the many amenities and landmarks available to you in Southampton you may ask, where to next? Well, MSC Cruises offers a variety of itineraries for any occasion.

Whether you’re travelling with family and friends or a couple’s getaway – Southampton is the starting point to a myriad of new memories.

Spain, Portugal and France can all be visited as part of a MSC Cruise by purchasing cruises and excursions directly from our site.

Cruises to the walls of Dubrovnik in Southern Croatia or the jewels of the Iberian Coast, allow you to build on your perspective by immersing yourself in a plethora of diverse cultures.

Southampton finds itself as the gateway to the most iconic cruise destinations, which allows you to hear new voices and gain authentic perspectives to carry with you for the rest of your life.

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