Dogs, Cats, rescue centres and Covid-19

In 2019, the world as we knew it began to change forever, the first case of Covid-19 was detected in China. 

From there on it spread and invaded across the globe, tearing apart our lives and beginning a new normal. 

Lockdowns meant that for the first time we had too much time on our hands.

So many utilised the opportunity to expand their families and adopt an animal across south west London.

David Bowles from the RSPCA revealed the intake of dogs decreased by 41% and the intake of cats fell by 48% since the start of Covid.

Lisa Guiney, head of kennels at Mayhew, an animal rescue in North London said the business was affected by the pandemic because it relies on donations, legacies and grants for its income and they receive no statutory funding. 

Guiney said: “Raising funds during and after the pandemic has been a challenge for us.

“Like many other charities, we are now trying to make up lost revenue so we can continue to provide an excellent level of care and support to both animals and pet owners now and for the coming years.”

The RSPCA’s Bowles said: “We’d always encourage anyone to adopt rather than buy, as so many puppies and dogs in ADCH rescues are looking for loving homes. 

“Before you take the plunge and get a puppy, you’ll need to think about what type of dog is right for your lifestyle.

“Dealers use the internet to their advantage when it comes to advertising and selling farmed puppies. 87% of puppy trade calls we get are about animals bought over the internet. 

“Always make sure you see mum and her pups together, and never buy a puppy if you have doubts about the breeder or situation – buying the puppy will only fund their illegal operation. 

“Using the Puppy contract can help you avoid becoming another victim of the puppy trade. It will help guide you through the process of buying a puppy and give you the confidence to make the right decisions about your future puppy.”

Guiney added: “Deciding to get a cat or dog is always an exciting prospect but we always advise people to think about it very carefully.

“We have produced this guide which can be found on our website and will help people make the right decision for them.

“Seriously consider the commitment before buying an animal. Adopt from rescues, or only buy from responsible and reputable breeders – it will spare a lot of heartache in the future.”

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