Beavers provide potential solution to urban flooding in West London

Beavers have made a comeback after 400 years in West London as campaigners laud the natural solutions the mammal brings to urban problems. 

Five beavers from Scotland were introduced to Greenford’s Paradise Fields with London Mayor Sadiq Khan present for their release. 

Wildlife groups say that the beavers can alleviate Greenford’s urban flooding problems as the beavers create dams, a sort of natural flood management system. 

By felling trees, they also allow more light into low-lying bogs and wetlands, causing life to return to certain ecosystems. 

Earlier this year, beavers were also reintroduced in Enfield in north London, as the benefits are being fronted as a cheaper, eco-friendly solution to urban problems. 

Featured image: Per Harald Olsen, licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

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